Who is Lola ?

Who is Lola ?

Discover how Lola’s french bakery is born !

I was born in 1984 in Lyon, France (which is the middle west of France, close to the Alpes mountains). I am from a family of 4 children, 4 girls, I am the second oldest.
I studied literature at the University of Lyon III (I have a master degree of Fench literature) then I went to journalism school located in Nice (south west of France)  for two years and obtained my post-grad degree.  I have been a journalist for more than seven years in Paris, mainly for the biggest French news radio but also for websites, TV and newspapers. I have also been a French correspondent in London and San Francisco.

I travelled a lot for the last few years, but it started seriously in 2013 when I decided to travel Australia for a year, just me and my backpack! I met a lot of  nice people, had a lot of different experiences, and I wanted more… I also travelled around Tasmania with my oldest sister and then went by myself to New Zealand for a few months.
I was working in a winery in Blenheim (Indevin) as a cellar hand during Vintage 2014, when I met my partner, Victor, a french winemaker at Cloudy Bay.
Then we travelled together, thanks to Victor’s job! We lived in Argentina (Mendoza), in California (Napa) and went back to New Zealand where Victor now has a permanent position.
I worked at Pernod Ricard for the Vintage 2017 as an assistant winemaker front end. It was another great experience, but I was already thinking about the next step, creating Lola’s French Bakery, here in Blenheim.

Willy Ronis Le petit parisien

Willy Ronis Le petit parisien, 1952
Lola’s french bakery

Lola’s and the bakeries…

I am an epicurean person, definitely fond of food, and bread has a particular place in my heart.
Since I was a child, going to buy bread and other treats at the bakery was a daily pleasure.
When I was young, I used to walk to the bakery (we were living in a small town but we had 3 bakeries !) with a coin of 10 francs, I remembered the lovely smell of the store and all these irresistible  breads and pastries… I used to come back home with half of a baguette already eaten… it was too hard to resist, especially when the bread was still warm and smelling so delicious!
Bread have been always omnipresent in my meals : for breakfast with butter and jam, for afternoon break with chocolate, for dipping into sauces and gravys with my main meals, with a good plate of cheese and/or charcuterie and a glass of wine… Any excuse is good to enjoy a piece of good bread.

Bread, the best “compagnon”

In French, the word “compagnon” means “friend”, from the latin “com” which means “with” and “panione” is for “bread”. This word literally means that a friend is someone to share the bread with.
I love this idea of sharing good things and it’s one of the reason why I have a created Lola’s French Bakery. I want to share a French savoir-faire; share this bread and pastries that remind me how food can be good, and how good food is important.
I wanted to offer to people a little bit of pleasure made with love.